Google Pixel 6: with 150€ less, the best smartphone for photography is at a bargain price!

Good deal news Google Pixel 6: with 150€ less, the best smartphone for photography is at a bargain price!

One of the qualities most appreciated by smartphone users is above all the possibility of taking beautiful photos. To do this, Google went into overdrive last year by offering their new toy: the Google Pixel 6. Today, we found it for you at an incredible price.

With competition from Samsung and Apple, the Google Pixel 6 is making its merry way to the rank of smartphone that remains, according to many users, the best phone for photos.

The American giant has won its bet between all the high-end smartphones that are invading the market. Today, we found a great offer on this Google Pixel 6.

Buy the Google Pixel 6 at 499€ on Rakuten

Initially sold at around €640, the Google Pixel 6 goes to €499 on Rakuten. An opportunity not to be missed if you are looking for the ideal smartphone for photography.

A smartphone that always impresses

With its 6.4-inch Full HD+ OLED panel, the Google Pixel knows how to show off its competition. In addition to that, the Google smartphone has a refresh rate that goes up to 90 Hz, for optimal fluidity.

To protect this beautiful screen, Google has called on the company Gorilla Glass to best avoid breakage and scratches, it would be a shame to take beautiful photos and view them on a cracked screen.

Now let’s talk about what pleases the most: the photo quality.

The Google Pixel 6 has a 50-megapixel main module paired with a 12-megapixel ultra-wide-angle module. For the front side, we discover an 8 megapixel lens for selfies.

The Google Pixel 6 knows how to be impressive, especially with its photo quality which offers natural colors and nice contrasts, day and night.

For raw smartphone power, the Pixel 6 has a Tensor chip and 8GB of RAM, so it has enough power to run all the apps available on the store.

The Google Pixel 6 can impress with its photo quality, and is currently offered at a knockdown price at Rakuten.

As a reminder, you can find the Google Pixel 6 at €499 on the Rakuten store.

Buy the Google Pixel 6 at 499€ on Rakuten

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