Google Password Manager can now be added to the home screen of Android devices

The password manager shortcut can now be displayed directly on the home screen of Android phones and tablets. This is doable thanks to a recent update, Google Play Services version 22.18. This would make the digital life of many people easier.

The password manager is actually very handy for Android users. The problem is that it is not easy to access it. Indeed, it takes a whole process to access it. But Google rectified that and created a much easier way to enter Google Password Manager.

What is Google Password Manager?

Most people have trouble remembering phone numbers around them, at least the important ones. It’s just as difficult to remember different passwords for different accounts. Solutions to this problem are using one easy-to-remember password for all your accounts or using tools like Google Password Manager.

For obvious security reasons, one password per account is ideal. Google Password Manager does just that. It generates unique passwords specific to each of your accounts. It will maintain their integrity and stocks for you. Thus, hacking your accounts will not be chosen easy. But viewing, modifying or changing passwords is all the easier with this tool.

How does the new password manager shortcut work?

Previously, accessing the password manager required entering the “Privacy” section of the Settings menu of the Android device in use. The option to launch the software is inside. After downloading the latest update from Google Play, this will no longer be necessary. For this, it is enough to download manually in Play Store.

Once imported, go to Settings, then Privacy. Next, click on the “Google Autofill Service” option and then on “Passwords”. Google Password Manager is now launched. Next, tap on the gear icon at the top of the interface, this will open the app settings menu. This is where you will see “Add a shortcut to your home screen”, just click on it and you’re done!



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