Google News is getting a makeover, with topics more likely to interest you

Google has announced a redesign of Google News to better highlight topics that may be of interest to you.

Google News is getting a makeover // Source: Montage Frandroid

Launched more than twenty years ago, in April 2022, Google News has changed very little during its long history. Google’s service, which allows you to discover the main news on a subject, a well-integrated central page, allowing access to the main themes, but the principle has remained the same: to provide access to the main news on different subjects.

This Wednesday, however, Google announced an overhaul of the size of its service, now much more in several sources on the same subject and allowing you to discover a system of tabs according to the headings likely to interest you.

In a blog post posted on June 22, Google announces a new design for the web version of Google News: “This new look for Google News on PC was inspired by the feedback received from our readers. We’ve made it easier to catch up on the most important news by adding top stories, local news, and personalized picks to the top of the page.”. Thus, from the home page, users will be able to discover the most applicable news according to their centers of interest and according to their location.

Control advantage for users

Personalization can of course be done by the users themselves by considering the topics most likely to interest them. They could thus personalize the game “your subjects” by adding and deleting certain themes such as sport, business, health, science, technology or entertainment.

The new Google News homepage
The new Google News homepage // Source: Google

Concretely, the idea behind this redesign of Google News does indeed seem to allow users to have access, at a glance, to a kind of specialized website grouping together different articles on the same page according to their themes. of predilections. Google will not forget the most important topics of the moment. Moreover, in addition to the home page, users will still be able to navigate through different themes. These are now displayed at the top of the page, in the form of tabs, and no longer in a column on the left of the screen.

Google has announced that the new version of News will be rolled out starting this Wednesday. As always, however, it will take a little patience before all users can benefit from it.

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