Google News is getting a facelift for the good of Internet users!

The new Google News.

Google has sometimes been criticized for its Google News or Google News service, which offers nothing but additional visibility to the media. After 20 years of good and loyal service and a few stormy episodes in certain countries such as Spain, the most powerful search engine in the world is launching a new version of its flagship.

In any case, Google is very sensitive to the issue of the media in general. “From local and regional news to national and global perspectives, Google News brings together diverse journalism to help us better understand our world,” he wrote in a blog post.

A new look on computers

“Our vision for Google News is enabled on strengthening access to local news, providing access to a wide range of sources, and fighting misinformation while protecting the open web,” he continues. Google also wants to be even more customizable on desktop computers.

“Our new look for Google News on desktop was inspired by feedback we received from readers. We’ve made it easier for you to follow the most important news by placing the most important articles, local news and personalized selections at the top of the page.

Always stronger and local

The local news section is now at the top of the page. A new filter button lets you add multiple locations to your local news section, so you don’t miss important news about the cities and towns that matter. The web giant still recalls that it has reinforced one of the latest features of Google Search on local news.

For the record, Google News is available in more than 125 countries in 40 languages. Each month, Internet users click more than 24 billion times on publishers’ sites from the results of Google Search and Google News. Google’s algorithms use machine learning to analyze hundreds of different factors to identify and organize topics around the world.


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