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It was announced a few days ago, it happened overnight: Google News today inaugurates a new broadcast, as well as some changes in the layout of the sections and the possibilities of personalization…

Google announced it yesterday: Google News, the vertical site devoted to world news has just inaugurated a new dress (accessible via a link at the top of the page on the current version of the site: we can also note that it is possible to return to the old version in the settings via the choice Use the new Google News app) on the desk.

According to the Mountain View firm, Google News is available in more than 125 countries and 40 languages. And every month, people click more than 24 billion times on publishers’ sites from Google Search and Google News results.

The main change, apart from the cosmetic aspects, is the positioning in the top selection of the sections “Your”, “Local news” (with a filter to indicate which cities interest you) and “Personalized recommendations”.

New Google News home page on desktop. Source: Abundance

On the other hand, you now have the option to customize the topics that appear. This new feature allows you to scroll and click on the articles that interest you the most. You can add, remove, or rearrange topics. Just click on the blue customize button at the top right of the “Your Themes” section to get started.

Customization of the “Your topics” section in Google News. Source: Abundance

Customization panel of the “Vos thles” section in Google News. Source: Abundance

At the level of the other sections, there will be a “Fact check” area (verification of potential fake news), recommendations according to your centers of interest, as well as “notable articles and topics to start the discussion”…

Google also took advantage of this announcement to indicate that Google News had returned to Spain, as announced a few months ago.

So it’s up to you to test this new version of the news research tool, which has evolved a lot in 20 years, as this image of the site’s first home page shows, compared to that of today :

Google News, 20 years later…. Source: Google

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