Google News has reopened in Spain almost eight years after it closed

Google News reopens in Spain almost eight years after it closed (DENIS CHARLET / AFP)

Google announced Wednesday the reopening in Spain of its news service Google News, closed eight years ago, following the transposition into Spanish law of the European directive on “neighbouring rights” of the media.

“After a break of almost eight years, Google News returns to Spain”, announced on its blog the Spanish branch of the American giant.

This reopening was made possible by “the update of the copyright law, which allows Spanish media, large and small, to make their own decisions on how their content can be viewed and monetized”, home assured.

Google had announced this reopening in November, without specifying its effective date, when the Spanish government approved a decree-law transposing the 2019 European directive on copyright and related rights in the digital market.

The American giant had then indicated that it would work with the Spanish media to reach agreements protecting their rights.

The 2019 European directive, adopted after more than two years of fierce debate, activated a “neighboring right” of copyright to oblige platforms like Google News or Facebook to remunerate press publishers for the articles they publish. utilize.

Google has long considered that it did not have to pay for the extracts of publications included on its results pages, arguing that the traffic it has generated on the websites of publishers is already paying them.

He had closed his news service in Spain in December 2014 to oppose a law stipulating that the media could not “renounce the right” to “receive compensation”. This law had been written of “Google tax” by the Spanish press.

In parallel with the reopening of Google News, the Californian group specifies on its blog that it “intends to work with the media to find agreements for the commissioning as soon as possible in Spain” of its “Google News Showcase” platform. .

This tool, already present in several countries, allows partner media to be paid for a selection of enriched content, according to Google.

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