Google Maps is hiding one of the best Android Easter-eggs, but it won’t last long

Google Maps celebrates the 15th anniversary of Google Maps with an Easter-egg that you can easily activate. We tell you how to find it.

Google Maps celebrates in 2022 the 15th anniversary of the birth of Street View, the panoramic image service of the planet that allows us to see any point at street level. To make the party big, Google has hidden an Easter-egg in the Maps mobile app. If you often use the service to find out the directions of a route, it is quite possible that you have already found this secret.

Specifically, this easter egg was to be able to use the Street View car icon as if it were the navigation arrow. The trick doesn’t change how Google Maps works, but it does allow the app to be slightly customized and leave out the traditional arrow icon. We already know it’s part of this 15th anniversary celebration, so it won’t be around forever. We explain step by step how to find this Easter egg.

So you can “travel” with the Street View car on Google Maps

Google Maps hides a very special Easter-egg.

It’s been 15 years since Google launched Street View, the service that travels the world to record it in panoramic images and then lets users know what any area looks like as if they were there. These 15 years have given a lot, as the figures offered by the company show. For example, we know that it has already traveled more than 16 million kilometers.

To celebrate this event, Google has hidden a very special easter egg in Google Maps that you can easily find if you use its application to make a car itinerary. And it is that, instead of the usual navigation arrow that appears on the screen while you follow the route, you can make the icon be the Street View car itself. Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Open Google Maps on your mobile.
  2. Find the destination point you want to go to.
  3. Press the “Get Directions” button to have Maps find the directions.
  4. In the transport vehicle options, tap on the car option.
  5. At the bottom right of the “Start” button, you will see an icon with the Street View car. Select above.
  6. In the small window that appears, press “Go” to start navigation and the icon is the popular Street View car.

Google Maps is hiding one of the best Android Easter Eggs, but it won't last long

It’s as easy as finding this Easter-egg created by Google in commemoration of Street View’s fifteenth anniversary. Without a doubt, the car used by the platform to collect images from the streets around the world is one of the most popular icons of this service. By the way, on the Street View website, you can check the car’s next destinations in your country.

Please note, we are not surprised by this customization option in Google Maps, since it was already possible to change the navigation arrow for a car. If you click on the arrow itself during a started route, you can choose between a red passenger car, a yellow family car or a green van. From now on, and for an indefinite period, you can also choose the Street View car.

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