Google makes it easy to switch from an iPhone to an Android 12 smartphone

Google is expanding support for the “Switch to Android” app on iOS to all smartphones running Android 12. It’s obviously in its best interest to convert smartphone users to its ecosystem.

Source: Google

Competition between Apple and Google on smartphones is still fierce and the two giants are trying to grab any market share. Google announces that its iOS application Switch to Androidappointed Switch to Android in English, now supports all Android 12 smartphones.

An app limited to Pixels, but expanding to all Android 12 phones

This application available on the App Store was released earlier this year, but was only available on Pixels. Available on iPads and iPhones respectively under iPadOS 12 and iOS 12 minimum, it allows you to transfer data from your iPhone to an Android smartphone. It can be photos, videos, contacts, calendar events, etc.

The edge specifies that ” the app even supports forwarding whatsapp messages ยป, but also photos and voice messages.

How to switch from an iPhone to an Android 12 smartphone?

Google has of course made it as easy as possible to transfer data between an Apple smartphone and an Android model. Once the application is installed, just follow the instructions to start the process. The transfer can be done by wired connecting the two phones with the iPhone cable. But the data can be moved wirelessly also via a Wi-Fi network between the two devices, although it is slower.

For those who would like to do the opposite, namely switching from an Android smartphone to an iPhone, it’s very similar. Apple also has a data transfer app available on the Google Play Store called Switch to iOSwe Migrate to iOS. Released in September 2015, it is registered on the competitor’s application store with more than 100 million downloads (although it is not possible to know the exact number).

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