Google just fixed a serious Android bug, and you didn’t even realize it

For several months, Android had a serious bug, which caused an application preinstalled in the system to indiscriminately consumed the storage of the mobile, reaching up to 20 GB occupied. Worse still, this app does not allow you to delete your data nor does it allow you the option of being uninstalled.

The problem has been reported by a large number of users, and portals like Android Central have echoed it.

Now, months later, Google has finally fixed the bug that was draining the internal storage of users’ devices around the world… despite not even giving any warning.

Android 12 on a Google Pixel 6 Pro.

The latest Android beta fixes the storage issue.

Known to some users as “ghost storage”, the bug was ameliorated by the “Phone and Messaging Storage” app built into the system of some Android devices. Since August last year, there have been reports that the app was taking up too much storage space on devices.

For months, some affected users shared their feedback with Google. However, it wasn’t until February this year that the bug was fixed by Google engineers. The patch that ended up with the error was finally implemented with Android 12 QPR3 beta 3. The final version of this Android edition should be released in early June, along with the monthly Android update corresponding to this period.

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However, Google hasn’t detailed the bug fix in the update’s official changelog, so Android Central says it’s not easy to determine the bug has been fixed except by contacting Google directly. .

Either way, the issue that plagued a significant number of Android users in the summer of 2021 has finally been fixed, and the solution should roll out to devices over the next few weeks.

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