Google is rolling out the new version on a large scale

After a presentation of the new interface in February 2022, Google is launching the massive deployment of the new version of Gmail through an update of Google Workspace.

Since February 2022, Google has been offering to test a new interface for its Gmail messaging service. With these months of testing, Google is now convinced that it can make a success of its new interface for all professionals. This is the meaning of the article published on the official Google Workspace blog to announce the deployment of the interface from June 28, 2022.

Gradual deployment

From now on, Google will proceed with a deployment transforming the transition to the new interface of theopt-in Al’opt out. Translation: Anyone can access the new interface now by excluding the option in Gmail’s settings, but Google will gradually reverse the option and enable the new interface as the default for users. The latter could return to the old interface by searching the options.

Gmail 2022 Web UI
The 2022 interface for Gmail // Source: Google

The new version of Gmail does not radically change the organization of the well-known mail service. Above all, it offers an aesthetic overhaul to align the service with Google’s aesthetic codes on Android with its Pixels. The biggest change is the move to a separate column for the different Google Spaces, Google Meet and Google Chat services, like separate Mail tabs. This reduces the horizontal space of the interface, but allows for simplification.

Gmail 2022 UI Web Services
Source: Google

These changes bring a breath of fresh air to the interface, but should therefore not upset our habits. Google is promising a rapid rollout for a default look change in the coming weeks for the majority of users. Professionals and companies are the first targets, but any Gmail user will benefit from this update.

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