Google is preparing a complete image editor for Chrome that it will present soon

Although it is a browser, Chrome was developed by Google as a complete tool. It has more extra features than you might think, and you don’t even need to resort to extensions or other extras often.

With continued work, Chrome will be about to receive a novelty. There is talk of a complete image editor, which is already in testing and should appear in a stable version of this Google browser.

Google is constantly improving Chrome in many areas. This browser is increasingly a proposal that encompasses much more than the Internet. This tool has continued to evolve and thus justifies its pre-eminence in its field.

To develop even more, Google is now preparing a novelty in Chrome. We’re talking about an image editor that gives users the freedom to skip other tools and edit any screenshot they’ve taken.

From what we can already see, this editor will allow you to crop images and resize them, going even further than this basic mode. To capture the image, the option present in the share menu will be used, which must also be activated.

After that, you can add emojis and other graphics, as well as text. At the moment the editor is not yet active, but it still gives an error when called. This should soon reach the Canarian version of Chrome to start public testing.

Google Chrome Browser Image Editor

For now, the flags needed to activate this editor are already visible. When accessing chrome://flags we already find the “Desktop Screenshots” and “Desktop Screenshots Edit Mode” entries ready to be activated.

This supplement that Google brings to Chrome will elevate this browser even more and give it an additional tool. The image editor will be important for many users, who will free themselves from yet another tool in their operating system.

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