Google is infiltrated by a cult, according to an ex-employee

A complaint for unfair dismissal was filed by the former employee. BENOIT TESSIER / REUTERS

The “community of friends” known for its excesses would have placed its members in strategic positions within one of the divisions of the company.

This is news that gives food for thought to conspirators. A division of the Google company is run by a cult, according to an investigation by the New York Times . The stranglehold of thecommunity of friendswithin Google Developer Studio was revealed on June 16 by ex-employee Kevin Lloyd. His testimony was then corroborated by 8 employees of the group.

The whistleblower, who arrived in the company in 2017, exposed the situation in a complaint filed in a California court. “I was fired in February 2021 after alerting to the presence of a cult within Google“, he denounces. He is seeking $50,000 in damages for wrongful dismissal, arguing that “thecult members dominate my old team at Google, they use favoritism and cronyism“.

In total, 12 people out of the 25 who make up the team are from the same community, including the director. A position that allowed him to place his relatives in key positions. A scheme has even been created to finance the sect with funds from Google. The latter has a wine cellar,Grant Mariewhich provided alcoholic beverages at events like the Google I/O conference. “The bills that I could see proven that we buy there hundreds of thousands of dollars [de vin] every year“, explains Kevin Lloyd.

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human trafficking

There “common» has about 1600 members. She attracts the faithful by promising them the achievement of a state of “higher consciousnessthrough art and spirituality. These followers are for the most part gathered in the farm of Oregon House, in California. Several international branches are listed, including in Paris.

The former employee’s complaint details the cult’s controversial history. For example, she mentions her background in human trafficking. A previous survey of Los Angeles Times Also revealing complaints against Robert Earl Burton, the founder of the organization. He would be the author of several sexual abuses, including on minor men.

The Mountain View company explains that it was not aware of this situation. “It is against the law to ask about the religious affiliation of those who work for us or for our suppliers, but we will of course examine such allegations thoroughly to detect any irregularities or improper contractual practices. If we find evidence of policy violations, we take action“says a Google spokesperson.

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