Google is controlled by an occult cult, contractor says

A Google contractor claims that the Google Developer Studio is controlled by a mysterious cult known as Fellowship of Friends. He was reportedly fired shortly after denouncing the group’s influence to company executives…

Conspiracy theories as required a mysterious elite with occult beliefs rule the world are many. If the “complosphere” is to be believed, governments around the world, major corporations and media empires will be infiltrated to the very top.

These whimsical rumors seem unlikely, especially since there is no proof of the existence of such a sect and it seems impossible that it could have so much influence. However, the testimony of a former Google contractor may well question all your certainties

The Fellowship of Friends cult has infiltrated the Google Developer Studio

According to the New York Times, Kevin Lloyd has been hired as a contractor as a video producer for the Google Developer Studio. According to him, at least 12 members of this division are members of an obscure religious sect and are said to have an inordinate level of influence.

The Google Developer Studio is led by longtime member Peter Lubbers of this community. He himself would have invited several members to join him, including video producer Gabe Pannell.

Besides, Kevin Lloyd would have been fired after denouncing group behavior. He filed a complaint against Google and its temp agency ASG for abusive dismissal, moral harassment and for not having protected him against discrimination.

The religious group in question would be known as the Community of Friends. According to the Times, this sect is convinced that a ” higher level of consciousness could be achieved by embracing fine arts and culture “.

However, it should also be noted that this cult was founded in the 1970s by Robert Earl Burton charged with sexual assault.

It has a complex of almost 500 hectares at Oregon House, California. Knowing that this city has an average real estate price of 432,000 dollars, it is clear that this section does not lack means. Any leads to believe that she wears a large number of wealth and eminent persons among its members.

Long before this highlight by the testimony of Kevin Lloyd, the Fellowship of Friends was already attracting attention. On Spotify, an investigative podcast with the promise of revealing its “dark secrets”.

An influential sect up to the highest levels of Google

Also according to the Times, the influence of this section is not limited to the Google Developer Studio. Its members also played an important role during the events organized internally by Google.

They hold the registry offices, take photographs, play music, offer massages and serve wine. Additionally, Google would buy the wine served at these events at a vineyard run by… a Fellowship of Friends member.

The complaint filed by Kevin Lloyd also states that Google paid for a ” advanced sound system housed in the home located at Oregon House of a band member who worked for the team as a sound designer “.

In order to verify the reliability of these accusations, the New York Times has recovered by speaking with eight other Google employees. Journalists also consulted publicly available documents, including a list of community members, photos of events, and table sheets showing event budgets.

Another contractor interviewed by The Times, named Erik Johanson, reveals that the partnership with ASG has allowed the GDS to introduce even more members of the sect. For good reason, subcontractors are recruited with much less vigilance and rigor than employees.

Kevin Lloyd’s complaints to Google executives about the presence of this religious group were met with indifference. Soon after, he was fired with as a reason given a ” performance issue »

Everything suggests that Google executives are aware of the strong influence of the Fellowship of Friends within the Developer Studio, and prefers to oust those who complain about it.

It is therefore quite possible that the members brought to light by Kevin Lloyd’s complaint are not only the hidden part of the icebergand that the Fellowship of Friends Google control to the top of the pyramid

This new incident thickens the mystery that hovers around Google and the decisions of its leaders. A few days ago, an engineer was fired for claiming an AI became sentient. For more information on the Community of Friends sectwe invite you to watch this documentary on YouTube.

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