Google is causing crashes and errors on many websites like Discord due to issues with Cloudflare.

Update 10:00: Cloudflare has already implemented a fix for the issue (which they haven’t explained yet) which seems to have fixed the bugs, as you can now browse normally on all crashing sites a few more minutes ago.

Update 9:30 am: According to Cloudflare itself, the problem has been identified and they are working on a solution, which should arrive in the next few minutes to restore normal internet browsing.

Original News: For the past few minutes, much of the internet has been “down”, from to a number of UK and US sites and even the famous Downdetector portal (popular for reporting internet network outages), take care of various connection problems.

These problems seem to be caused by a widespread downfall of Cloudflare, a company responsible for offering CDN, DNS and other security services and internet servers which, to put it simply, is a network that allows us to access optimally to different web pages at a higher speed without losing data, saving “copies” of this web in small servers near our countries and connecting them to each other to obtain a good and fluid navigation, when a part of it failed, it can cause web browsing errors.

As of now, there isn’t much information on why Cloudflare went down, but we do know that for the past few days the company has been battling multiple DDoS attacks that have attempted to overwhelm its servers to cause crashes. crashes like this. One of these attacks might therefore have finally achieved its goal, causing users with numerous problems when browsing UK or US websites.

If you’re using Cloudflare’s DNS… change it to mitigate issues.

If, like me, you like to “tinker” with your internet connection and use the manual DNS and not the automatic DNS provided by your internet operator, it is possible that at some point you have manually configured the DNS for your connection and that you have opted for those of Cloudflare ( because they are among those that allow a faster and more stable connection to the different websites.

When using these DNS with Cloudflare downtime, the problems only get worse. We therefore recommend changing the Internet options to use, for example, Google’s for the primary and for the secondary. This won’t fix all problems, but it will reduce some of the errors you may encounter on some websites.

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