Google inaugurates a third site in Zurich

Google reflected a third location in Zurich on Monday, in a building on the Europaallée, near the central station. The American technology group employs around 5,000 people in the city.

Zurich is the company’s largest research and development site outside the United States, said Patrick Warnkind, head of Google in Switzerland, on Monday. Almost half of Google’s employees in Zurich work in the new Europaallée campus.

Google opened its first site in Zurich in 2007, the second five years ago. The ‘Zooglers’, as Google calls its Zurich employees, work on various products, including the YouTube video platform, the online mapping service Google Maps and artificial intelligence image recognition.

“If Google has experienced such growth here so far, it is because Zurich offers very good framework conditions”, declared Urs Hölzler, “senior vice president engineering” of the American company in Zurich. By 2030, the Californian company wants to cover its energy needs with a completely CO2-free balance sheet, he added.



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