Google image would have been born thanks to Jennifer Lopez

Let’s go back to 2000, the night of the 42nd Grammys Award ceremony, JLo (Jennifer Lopez) wears the Jungle dress of Donatella Versace. This plunging neckline dress has taken the internet by storm, so much so that after the ceremony, everyone had heard of JLo in this famous dress. And so the whole world wanted to see it.

And to do a search on the internet what better than Google?

But at that time, Google searches only returned to texts or websites. The curiosity of Internet users is not satisfied and Google quickly realizes this. Everyone wanted to see how far down the neckline of this legendary dress, so JLo’s photo at the Grammy’s was the most popular search query on google. And that’s when they came up with the idea of create search by image which started in 2001.

Beyond Google Image, the Jungle dress by Donatella Versace entered the history of fashion and gave birth to a complete collection.

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