Google I/O: it’s confirmed, all Nest screens and speakers will support Matter

Google took advantage of its annual conference to discuss Matter, and announce that Nest screens and speakers could be used as “controllers”. This will also be the case for the Nest Wi-Fi.

Its launch being finally scheduled for this fall after multiple reports, Matter is logically on the Google I/O 2022 program. during the keynote, Google has since posted more information on its blog.

Matter arrives in the Nest range

We first learn that an update is already planned for several devices in the Nest range: Google Home and Google Mini, Nest Mini, Nest Hub and Nest Hub Max, Nest Audio and the Nest Wi-Fi. After updating, all these devices could more precisely act as “Matter Controller” or more simply as a gateway to control devices compatible with the Google Home application or by voice with Google Assistant, but also to allow them to communicate and interact with each other with routines.

The Nest Wi-Fi, Nest Hub Max, and 2nd-gen Nest Hub could additionally serve as Thread routers. This complementary IP protocol to wifi creates a network in which each device can act as an access point to connect others, in order not only to strengthen it, but also to extend it to connect devices further away, such as outdoor lights.

Development kits to facilitate the adoption of Matter

Surprisingly, Google has not yet announced any updates to bring support for Matter to other devices in the Nest range, such as its cameras or its thermostats, but the firm plans to launch development kits (SDKs) from the end of June to help manufacturers of connected objects adopt Matter. An SDK is also planned to make it easier to develop Android apps that work with Matter, and Google further intends to make it easier to pair Matter devices with Android 13.

To accompany the arrival of what he already qualifies as “new era of smart home”, Google has also launched a new portal highlighting all the possibilities offered by its Google Home platform. Child program Works with Hey Google is also renamed Works with Google Home to report Google-certified products that work with Matter and/or Google Assistant.

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