Google honors Anne Frank with a Doodle to find here

Saturday Google paid tribute to Anne Frank on the 75th anniversary of the first publication of her diary.

Anne Frank’s diary has since been translated into 80 languages. The duty of remembrance around the Holocaust is essential.

It was Thoka Maer, artistic director of Google Doodle, who designed this digital diorama.
We are a little surprised by the introductory message: “This presentation mentions the Holocaust, a sensitive subject for some”…. But other than that, the treatment of this Doodle is interesting.

Of course the sad story of the young girl has been modified to fit the doodle format.
But we appreciate the style of this one mixing the original texts, drawings and photographs of the young girl and her family.

The terrible story of Anne Frank

Anne’s family fled Nazi Germany to take refuge in the Netherlands. For 25 months, the teenager, her family and 4 other Jews fleeing Hitler lived in hiding in Amsterdam. On August 4, 1944, they were discovered by the SS.
They are then deported to the concentration camp of Auschwitz then in that of Bergen-Belsen, where, Anne Frank was assassinated by the barbarians. She was only 15 years old. His diary is still today a terrible testimony to the living conditions of the victims of the Nazis.

In a few seconds the Doodle scrolls, retracing the life of Anne Frank before her deportation. She could have become a writer. Instead, the Nazis executed him like millions of other Jews.
You can still access the Doodle dedicated to Anne Frank if you missed it on Saturday in by clicking here.

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