Google France has blocked or throttled billions of inappropriate ads

In 2021, Google France explains in its report on advertising security to have “ removed more than 3.4 billion ads, restricted more than 5.7 billion ads, and suspended more than 5.6 million advertiser accounts », a figure that has tripled since 2020.

Google also has block or restrict ad serving on more than 1.7 billion publisher pages and took broader site-wide action on approximately 63,000 publisher sites “. 652 million ads were blocked or removed for abuse, 125 million because they were inappropriate, 106 million linked to COVID 19, 32 million by legal obligation, 8 million because they were dishonest behavior, 1 million for counterfeit:

In 2021, we redoubled our efforts in the fight against misleading content. For example, we blocked ads on more than 500,000 pages for violating our policies: some ads related to the COVID-19 pandemic violated our rules on dangerous health alerts, while others relayed false information that could affect voter confidence and participation in the polls. »

On the contrary, and Through Google Ad Grants, we’ve also provided $250 million in financial support to NGOs and local government organizations to help them spread reliable information about vaccinations “.

Google additionally” introduced or updated over 30 rules for advertisers and publishers “, and prohibits the “ content that contradicts the official scientific consensus regarding the existence and causes of climate change » :

Among other things, we have put in place a system of three warnings in the event of repeated non-compliance with the rules relating to advertisements, a rule prohibiting the promotion of climate change denial and a certification process for American health insurers. »

Following the war in Ukraine, Google also “ taken steps to suspend the majority of our business activities in Russia, including advertisements served in the country or published by Russian advertisers, as well as the monetization of Kremlin-funded media content » :

So far, we’ve blocked more than eight million ads related to the war in Ukraine from showing under the Sensitive Events Rule and removed ads from more than 60 Russian state-funded media outlets. »


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