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Like this year, the Google I/O event was an opportunity for the Mountain View firm to announce a number of innovations that will be implemented within its search tools in the coming months. Today and to begin, discusses the evolution of multiple research in the field of local and award-winning scenes thanks to the camera of your mobile phone in the form of video…

Last month, Google launched its multiple search system on Google Lens: in short, you first do a visual search (image) that you refine with text to specify more precisely the purpose of your request.

Yesterday was the Google I/O event and, on this occasion, a new announcement was made on this subject with the possibility of carrying out multiple local searches : you can use a photo or a screenshot and with the option “near me” (“near me” in English), display choices of restaurants or other local businesses that offer clothing, household items or food items depending on the search performed.

For example, imagine you see a colorful dish online that you’d like to eat, but you don’t know what’s in it or what it’s called. With multiple search, Google analyzes images and reviews posted on web pages and Maps, to find results on the dish itself and nearby places that offer it, so you can eat it for yourself .

As usual, local information in multiple search will be available worldwide later this year and only in English. They will be extended to other languages ​​over time.

Example of multiple local search. Source: Google

Google also announced a second new feature with the system “ Scene exploration through which you will be able to use Multi-Seek to rotate your camera and instantly glean information about multiple objects in a larger scene with your camera/smartphone camera.

Example: imagine you are trying to choose the perfect candy bar for a friend who is a chocolate connoisseur. You know he likes dark chocolate but doesn’t like nuts, and you want to give him something good. Using “Scene Exploration” as below, you will be able to scan the entire shelf with your phone’s camera and see useful information superimposed on the image about the composition of each product.

However, this feature is not yet available and no date has been announced yet.

Example of a search using the “Scene Exploration” function. Source: Google

We will talk over the next few days about the other innovations announced at Google I/O yesterday.

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