Google ends Talk, its WhatsApp competitor, which has never found its audience

Launched in 2005, before the era of instant messaging applications, Google Talk allows people with a Gmail address to chat in real time.

Google Talk is over. Launched in 2005, this function allows users of a Gmail address to chat in real time. It will be permanently decommissioned from June 16, as the American giant announced in 2017.

This function, which marked the start of the group in the world of instant conversation applications, was accelerated from 2013 with the appearance of its successor Hangouts. The latter was equipped with additional functions, such as the possibility of conducting group video calls, the company justified in a blog post.

If Hangouts was initially intended to reach a large audience, the application was oriented towards a supposed professional use in 2020 by renaming itself Google Chat. “You’ll find it easier to schedule tasks with other people, share and collaborate on files, and assign tasks using Spaces, the advanced Chat feature,” Google said.

Multiplication of application projects

On the general public side, the Mountain View group has never succeeded in imposing an instant messaging application. While the decline of SMS began with the arrival of the first smartphones, instant messaging applications have flourished to take over.

Among them, the popular WhatsApp and Messenger, owned by Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg’s group condenses all the useful functions in each application: text, audio, video, or even group storage. For its part, Apple has divided on one side audio and video via its FaceTime application, and on the other iMessage for written messages.

Conversely, in an attempt to impose itself on the market, Google has multiplied attempts in all directions without displaying a clear strategy. Over the past fifteen years, the company has presented no less than a dozen messaging services, aimed at appealing to both professionals and the general public.

Among them: Google Talk, Hangouts, Google+, Google Voice, Allo or even Duo and Meet. Something to get lost in, especially since most of them offer similar uses.

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