Google Drive For Windows Desktop: Review And Offline Installer

Google Drive is one of the best cloud services available on the web right now, and guess what? The official software works well on Windows 11/10. We are big fans of OneDrivebut that won’t stop us from tackling this bad boy.

Google Drive for Windows Desktop

Google Drive software is all about syncing files from the cloud to your computer and from your computer to the cloud. It is similar to how Microsoft OneDrive software works on Windows 11/10. Once downloaded from the official Google website and installed, users will need to log in with their Google credentials.

After installation, Google Drive immediately starts syncing all files from the cloud to your computer in a folder called “Google Drive”. Depending on the amount of files available in your online storage account, data synchronization may take a few minutes or up to a few hours or more.

For the settings area to make certain changes to the operation of the software, a is displayed in the taskbar. Right-click it, then click “Preferences” to enter the settings area. Right-clicking should also show the last files that were synced. For us, it showed the last 5, as well as the amount of space left on Google Drive as well as the connected or disconnected status of the program.

In the Preferences section, users can choose to sync only selected folders. This is great for preserving space on the local drive or preventing “this folder” from being seen by someone important. Yes, we know how your mind works, dear reader.

Google Drive for Windows 10

It is also possible to limit upload and download bandwidth while using a custom proxy.

In all fairness, Google Drive software for Windows 10 does not bring anything unique to the board that dresses up on OneDrive software, but does it matter?? No, this is not the case. The most important thing here is that files sync without a hitch and users have the ability to choose which folders to sync. Everything else is just gravy in our minds. However, that doesn’t mean Google couldn’t have done a better job.

Ultimately, if you’re a Google Drive user looking for reliable desktop software to sync files, this program will do just fine.

Go find it on the official Google website.

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Google Drive Offline Installer

Generally speaking, if you are looking for the Google Drive software offline installer, replace “X” with the latest version number of this tool in the following URL:

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