Google Docs launches table templates for project management: how to use them

Google Docs allows the use of table templates and drop-down menus to efficiently track project progress.

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With the insertion of table templates in a document, Google Docs wants to facilitate project management. © CaptureBDM

Google Docs adds new features to foster collaboration

In a blog post, Google unveils two new features for its word processing tool, Google Docs, to facilitate project management and collaboration. The firm thus announces the deployment of table models. It is thus possible to use ready-to-use tables for 4 types of projects:

  • Product roadmap
  • Follow-up of exams
  • Project elements
  • Launch Content Tracking

Here again, you have the possibility of customizing the title of the columns or of adding rows to your preconfigured table. Each table template has drop-down menus that allow you to track the progress of tasks related to your project.


Drop-down menus can also be used on their own in a document on Google Docs. Two predefined options are available:

  • Project status: it includes the options “Not started”, “Blocked”, “In progress”, “Completed”.
  • Review status: This menu offers the options “Not Started”, “In Progress”, “Under Review”, “Approved”.

Note that the options available in the predefined menus are fully customizable. It is also possible to create your own drop-down menus from A to Z.


These features are currently being rolled out. This period can extend over 15 days from May 2, 2022. They are available for Google Workspace customers, former G Suite Basic and Business customers, but also users with personal Google accounts.

How to Use TableLooks in Google Docs

To take advantage of these new features on Google Docs, here’s how:

  • In your Google Docs document, click Insertion in the horizontal menu,
  • Select Boardthen Table templates,
  • Choose from the 4 options offered.

Similarly, if you can use drop-down menus alone, click Insert > Dropdown Menu.

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