Google could show ads from competing platforms on YouTube

Google could allow third-party platforms to serve YouTube advertising, one concession, among others, that could save it some trouble.

According to a Reuters article, Google may soon allow other advertising intermediaries to serve ads on Youtube. The Mountain View firm currently requires advertisers to use Ad Manager to serve ads on YouTube, which is attracting the attention of competition authorities in the European Union.

Google could allow third-party platforms to offer advertising on YouTube

The European Commission had launched an investigation into Google’s advertising technologies and management in 2021, after two years of informal consultations. The European authorities said they were particularly concerned about the potential restrictions vis-à-vis competing advertising platforms and the fact that advertisers must use the Display & Video 360 and Google Ads services. The investigation will focus on whether Google, an Alphabet subsidiary, has given itself an unfair advantage in the digital advertising space by limiting the user data that competing advertisements and advertising platforms can access.

Reuters reports that this concession from the American giant could help it avoid more formal action and a fine that could reach 10% of its global turnover. Alphabet generated no less than $257 billion in revenue in 2021. However, it would seem that Google must also address a number of other worries to really put an end to this investigation.

A concession, among others to make, which could save him some trouble

The Competition and Markets Authority of the United Kingdom is investigating the company’s advertising practices. In the United States, senators tabled a bill last month with bipartisan support that would smash Google’s entire advertising business if it were to be enacted.

“We always have constructive relations with the European Commission. We have nothing further to share at this stage,” a spokesperson told Engadget. “As with our Privacy Sandbox initiative, we are committed to working with regulators and the entire industry to reach the best possible conclusion.”

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