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The Saudi oil giant Saudi Aramco Development Company, a subsidiary of Armaco, succeeded in opening a cloud solutions approach to develop and expand its businessas part of a plan to promote and promote the digitization of economic activities.

This was made possible through a partnership with Google Cloud, which offers cloud services “high performance” and low latency to Saudi companies.

Saudi Arabia has thus been added to Google Cloud Platform’s global network of regions, as part of a “strategic partnership” agreement that was reportedly signed recently between Aramco and Google Cloud. The partnership aims to “develop, distribute and publish advanced digital solutions” for customers working in the oil, gas, utility, electric power, shipping and manufacturing industries.

REUTERS/AHMED JADALLAH – Production facility at Saudi Aramco’s Shaybah oilfield

These solutions and services are intended to help public and private sector companies “preparing the future of infrastructure” and to “increase revenue”, while enduring cost and risk, and reducing sustainability and operational security.

Aramco’s senior vice president of technical services, Ahmad Al Sa’adi, said it “combines an industrial heritage, advanced technology and a talented team that helps digitize the Kingdom’s public and private sectors.” He said that today “we live in a data-driven world” and therefore it is “Critical that companies not only have a secure infrastructure to protect business data, but also the tools that allow them to make the best use of the data”.

According to Al Sa’adi, “Google Cloud’s arrival in Saudi Arabia will bring tremendous benefits, both now and in the future. (…) the future of Saudi business transformation and growth depends on their ability to successfully leverage cloud computing services,” and he thanks “the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology for supporting this initiative”.

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REUTERS/HAMAD DHAHRAN – Saudi Aramco oil company logo

For his part, Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian reiterated his commitment to “helping businesses modernize and accelerate their digital transformations with Google Cloud.” He said that with this agreement, “Google Cloud’s innovative technology and solutions will be available to global customers and businesses in Saudi Arabia to enable them to better serve end consumers”.

The new partnership also capitalizes on the growing demand for cloud services in the Arab country, which has been fueled by the accumulated reliance on online services during the COVID-19 pandemic, which has led to the acceleration of the digital transition. This new service is expected to represent a market opportunity of up to $10 billion by 2030.

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