Google Cloud deploys a Web3 team

Before long, the design of Web3 applications should be facilitated. Google Cloud is looking to build a rather peculiar Web3 team. Its mission will be to design services for developers. Note that these are scientists oriented in the creation of Web3 tools and blockchain applications.

According to the CNBC, Amit Zavery, vice president general manager and senior manager at Google Cloud would have exchanged an e-mail. This evokes the American company’s desire to make Google Cloud Platform a top choice among developers working in Web3.

Admittedly, this technology is very recent and few people adopt it today. However, Zavery seems convinced of the strong potential of this new market. The web search giant’s customers have even asked it to increase support for Web3. The same is true for technologies related to cryptography.

A study was recently carried out on 595 individuals, all Stack Overflow developers. According to the survey, 85% of candidates have not yet taken the initiative to design computer programs using the blockchain. Google Cloud is therefore planning to make some configurations. This will certainly be a game-changer, since creating Web3 services will be much easier.

Google sets up an in-house Web3 team

Google will be the first to benefit from this initiative on Web3. This is a real competitive advantage against Microsoft Azure, AWS or Alibaba Cloud. As a reminder, this project consists of “to offer backend services” to scientists who wish to venture into the creation of their own Web3 software.

Zavery announced during his interview with CNBC that it was not the intention of Google to be part of the cryptocurrency wave. Instead, the company plans to buy technology whose distributed nature of Web3 will benefit businesses.

Moreover, the search engine would be on the sidelines of providing a revolutionary system. This will allow third parties toeasier access to data on the blockchain. That’s not all. We will also make sure to “simplify the process of creating and running blockchain nodes” as part of the validation and recording of transactions.

Blockchain technology has been successful since the appearance of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Today, this sector is gaining ground, particularly in the areas of finance. This trend is also appearing in the retail environment where safeguarding transactions is a major challenge.

In any case, many are impatient with the official announcement concerning the constitution of this new “Web3 team”. That said, this desire to support developers in their project to create Web3 applications could be the source of a radical change. It could even be the precursor to the new version of the Internet.

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