Google Chrome: beware of this faulty software that steals credit card numbers

Beware of cyberattacks that can steal your data. (©

If you use Google Chrome, and that you are fond of online shopping, watch out for your credit card… Malicious software, Emotet, could steal your bank details.

It is in any case the discovery made by researchers from Proofpoint, an American company of cybersecurity.

They are sounding the alarm about the new version of the Emotet malware, used on Windows computers, which attacks Passwords and credit card numbers stored in Google Chrome.

Encrypted data transfers

And you have to be very careful. Car the malware is designed as a Trojan horse: “it allows you to create a network of infected machines that hackers can take control of to carry out attacks”, specifies the media Numerama.

This time the software update works thanks to a form, which asks the user to fill in his payment data, and then transfers these codes into another Chrome memory area that is not encryptedindicates the medium Citron press.

“The whole trick of the exploit contained in this variant is to push the valuable information out of the encrypted part of memory, before copying the codes, and transmitting them to the control and command server controlled by the hackers” , specifies the online newspaper.

Protect your data

Thus, to protect your data, and your bank account, it is better to use a password managerwhich will generate passwords automatically and which will be more secure.

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Another tip: completely disable the prefilling of passwords and payment data included on your Google Chrome browser. And think about installing a anti-virus.

Especially since the Emotet software is particularly active on the web. It is known to be one of the most malicious malware on the net, according to Europolwho had dismantled it in January 2021, before it reappeared.

Regularly dismantled by cybersecurity authorities, it must resurface.

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