Google buys Raxium, a start-up whose technology could equip its future augmented reality headsets

While Meta is working hard to offer augmented reality glasses in 2024 and is working on a mysterious high-end helmet, Google is adding a string to its bow to offer its future models. This new brick is called Raxium, a start-up specializing in micro-LED technology. This technology makes it possible to design augmented reality display devices that consume less energy, while offering beautiful colors. On its site, the company announces distances of around 3.5 µm between the center of two neighboring pixels, compared to 50 µm for a Super AMOLED smartphone screen.

In addition, Raxium is working on an integration technology to manufacture the micro-LED panels from the same type of silicon used for microprocessors, with the key to lower production costs.

Enough to arouse Google’s interest in the design of its future augmented reality products. The manufacturer remains very secretive about its technologies and its schedule, but is working on an augmented reality helmet bearing the internal code name of Project Iris. The helmet could be marketed in 2024.

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Google also bought the North company, which designed augmented reality glasses, in 2020 and hired engineers to design an AR operating system. With Raxium, the Mountain View giant is readying its weapons to take on Meta, Microsoft and probably Apple in the potentially lucrative metaverse market.

Source : The edge

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