Google buys 50 hectares of additional land from Hamina

The search giant continues to expand its territory. Indeed, Google acquires 50 hectares of additional land in Hamina, Finland. This is near its sea-cooled data center which has been there for a long time.

Google: a company that settles everywhere

According to the latest news, Google has stopped its data center projects in Luxembourg. This is notably due to the fact that the data center would risk using up to around 12% of Luxembourg’s electricity. But that doesn’t stop it from acquiring new regions almost everywhere, either. Indeed, the company bought a large piece of land in Sweden last year. Moreover, it obtained the authorization to install a data center, more precisely in Horndal. The company also got 120,000 square meters of land in Taulov. This is located next to its existing Danish data center, i.e. in the Danish municipality of Fredericia.

Then in 2022, Google added new US cloud regions to Columbus, Ohio, Dallas, and Texas. It also launched its first Spanish region in Madrid and an Italian region in Milan. And then, it also placed its infrastructures in Omaha and Nebraska. She also got land in Kansas City. And now, Google is also interfering in Finland, in Hamina.

Google buys land in Hamina, Finland

Google has taken the liberty of buying land adjacent to its long-standing data center campus. This one is apparently located in the town of Hamina, Finland. The agreement was signed for 4.3 million euros, or $4.5 million. And, in addition, the municipal authorities have approved it.

According to the histories, Google bought the Summa factory (in Hamina) from Stora in 2009. Stora is a Finnish paper company. Then the search giant opened its very first data center on the site in 2011. It simply stood out with its seawater cooling system. Since then, the site has been updated and enlarged several times. Then, in 2018, Google opened a cloud region in Finland. To date, the company declares having invested 1.2 billion euros, or $1.26 billion for the campus.

An unknown project

According to Google, she doesn’t know yet how and for which project he will use this new ground. However, Lauri Ikonen, head of operations at Hamina’s data center, says the company may well expand its operations there. Of course, if necessary. Lauri Ikonen then specified that it is too early to say how the enlargement will take place. At least for the moment.

For his part, the mayor of Hamina, Hannu Muhonen affirms the importance of this new agreement. “We’ve had a great partnership with Google for over a decade. This opportunity for Google to expand its operations is very important locally for Hamina, but it is also important regionally and nationally”he added.

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