Google blocks the download of paid apps from the Play Store in Russia

In Russia since May 5, Google blocks the download of paid applications and updates of paid applications from the Play Store. It will not change much to the situation of Android users who, since March 10, must already manage the suspension of the download of paid applications, as well as the payment of subscriptions or in-app purchases.

Ultimately, only free apps remain available in the official Google store, as the search engine explains on this support sheet. Previously purchased apps and games can still be downloaded from the user’s account. Subscriptions still in progress will be honored until the end of their expiration date, but they cannot be renewed and will therefore be cancelled.

Apple puts opponent Alexei Navalny’s app back on the Russian App Store

Google recommends that publishers of apps that provide an essential service offer free access to the app or remove the subscription. In early March, a few days after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine, the main bank card networks (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) suspended their operations in Russia, causing severe disruption for Russian banks and their customers.

This also affects Apple’s activities in Russia, the manufacturer having also taken a battery of measures as part of the sanctions suffered in the country. Apple accounts can no longer be funded by gift cards since March 10 for users based in Russia, reported at the time.


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