Google Assistant helps you change your password if it leaks

Google is preparing an update to its Assistant application to help you change your password faster in the event of a leak.

The beginning of May is a good time to promote good computer hygiene. It is also at this time that the day of the password is organized. The opportunity to recall good practices for having a fairly solid code and current recommendations in this area, such as the use of double authentication or a password manager.

This is also an opportunity to aggravate new functions or prepare to do so. Google, precisely, is in the process of setting up a service to better assist Internet users undergoing hacking. an indiscretion shared on Twitter by Max Weinbach, from the Android Police site, shows an evolution of Google Assistant to help change the password.

A feature to facilitate password change in the event of a leak

This alert system is triggered when Google has detected a leak of personal data on a site (for example by identifying a database circulating in the wild or if the site compromises communication on its situation), and if the Mountain View knows you have an account on it (which it can know if it’s given password management).

Here, the tool consists of allowing Google Assistant to automatically change the password on the compromised site, with little or nothing to do. This is a feature that is not entirely new – it was also announced in 2021 at the Google I / O conference and there is a similar service elsewhere, such as the Dashlane manager.

Source: Claire Braikeh for Numerama

The functionality in Google Assistant will not be able to work with all sites on the web, because otherwise the tool would have to be able to automatically process each page allowing you to change your password, even though they may be different from each other. others — whether in the layout of the page or the different stages of the process.

This service has three interests for Internet users:

  • First, it visualizes the leak of passwords a little more, preventing the risk for an Internet user of missing out on a compromise.
  • Then, it greatly facilitates the process of changing your password, by simplifying the process.
  • Finally, it is a tool that is put in the hands of the greatest number, because of the weight of Google.

The American company, due to its central place on the web, feels invested with a particular responsibility in terms of computer security. We have thus seen the Internet giant chain initiatives in this area, whether it is the detection of password leaks, the alert in the event of a vulnerable page or even generalized double authentication on YouTube.

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