Google announces fund for ‘advanced web applications’

Google has announced a new fund for advanced web applicationsthe scope of which will include everything that “improve the web as a platform for advanced applications“.

Google admitted it doesn’t have a precise definition of what “advanced apps” are, but said it generally considers them to be websites with an app-like interface and significant side functionality. customer.

The tech giant cited libraries and tools that change the creation of advanced web applications, such as improved enhancements to Bubblewrap and WebUSB-aware drivers, as well as demo applications and tutorials showing use cases. “unique or powerful” use of advanced web applications, as examples of what he wants to invest in.

Google pointed to its earlier investments in the portable binary code format WebAssembly, the introduction of APIs such as File System Access and WebTransport, and how these measures lost out to the introduction of applications such as Photoshop in all browsers.

Although the Chrome team has been working during the development of new features, we are only responsible for a small part of the worksaid a Google spokesperson. “Web application developers dependent on countless others in the community who have built a strong ecosystem of APIs, tools, demo applications, and other hardware“. They added: “To help recognize the importance of this work and enable more people to dedicate time to these projects, we are delighted to announce today the launch of the Advanced Web Applications Fund: a new fund to support the Web as a platform for advanced applications. »

An open submission process

If you wish to be considered for an investment, you will need to create a court document outlining what you are offering and then complete this submission form. Applicants submitting existing projects will also be able to submit a GitHub issue from their project.

All applicants will need an Open Collective account. You can apply for your own project or nominate a project that you think deserves support. If you are not the project owner, you must ensure that the project’s core developers are willing to accept the code changes for which you are requesting funding, as a condition of sponsorship approval.

There is no deadline to apply, and Google says it is evaluating proposals as they come.

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