“Glenn Viel taught me to get to the point”

A few hours before the broadcast of the final of Top Chef season 13, Arnaud Delvenne gives us his impressions.

[Mis à jour le 15 juin 2022 à 7h58] Arnaud Delvenne is not only the funniest candidate of Excellent leader... It is also the season 13 finalist alongside Louisa. The protege/friend of Glenn Viel will face his adversary one last time this Wednesday, June 15 to try to win the most famous of culinary competitions.

A few hours from the Arnaud Delvenne verdict, first Belgian candidate to reach the final of Top Chefwe gave her impressions of her career, her ties with the other participants but also her team leader Glenn Viel, and what makes Louise a formidable opponent for this final.

Interview with Arnaud Delvenne

Why did you want to participate in the Top Chef show?
In fact, I did not register. A caster added me on Instagram and when I saw this, I was at a restaurant with a friend. I had already had a drink so I sent him a spontaneous message saying: “If you want to laugh, call me!” The next day, she actually called me back and I finally passed the casting. A few weeks later, I knew I was taken.

How did you experience this season?
It’s the best experience I’ve had so far! Both on a human and professional level, I discovered many things and I am convinced that this is only the beginning of a new book. Yes, it’s time-consuming and at the end you want a return to reality, but I only take positive things from it!

What was your first thought when you learned that you had been selected as a finalist?
Every time I qualified for the following week, I said to myself “it’s one more step”. So getting to the final is already a victory. With Louise, we were neck and neck in all the final rounds and it seemed obvious to me to finish the competition with her.

What was the most memorable event for you?
Restaurant War! It was an emotionally charged ordeal and it allowed me to discover two gay lads – Mickaël and Wilfried – in a different way.

And the most unpleasant ordeal?
The very first of the contest! What I returned was really ugly and I almost got eliminated!

What was your team leader Glenn Viel’s best advice?
To go to the essential, in life as in the kitchen, and to remove what is useless.

In your opinion, what makes Louise a formidable opponent for this final?
Louise is very creative, that’s her greatest quality. But until the end, we worked hand in hand and even the final took place in true camaraderie!

The biography of Arnaud Delvenne

Would you like to know more about Arnaud Delvenne? Discover below the biography of the finalist of Top Chef.

What is Arnaud Delvenne’s background?

Originally from Xhendremael, near Liège, in Belgium, Arnaud has a career that is atypical to say the least. A dissipated student, he discovered a passion for cooking when he joined the hotel school in Namur. But it does not necessarily go to the kitchens of the great restaurants. He first worked as a waiter in an Italian restaurant, in a fast-food chain and then…in prison: “All experience is good to take and we always learn”, explains the tattooed 36-year-old chef. He then opened a contemporary Italian bistro, the Atelier du Goût, then became chef at Le Moment. Two addresses where he stands out. In 2020, he finally joined the Van der Valk Hotel Group as Executive Chef.

His vision of cooking is inspired by his life journey: barely a year ago, Arnaud weighed more than 115 kg. After a diet and surgery, he lost 50. As a result, today he is lighter in the kitchen. The Top Chef adventure? “My ex-sister-in-law signed me up. I learned it a little by chance, and I said to myself “why not, I’ll point the tip of my nose”. I went to the casting which went well, and then I got into the game”. If he has the heart to succeed in this competition, it is also for his mother who died of cancer ten years ago. “My mom was everything for me was my whole life, she would be proud of me”.

Where is Arnaud Delvenne’s restaurant?

Arnaud is now the Chef of the Atelier du Sélys, the top-of-the-range brasserie of the Hôtel Sélys, in Liège. During the broadcast of Top Chef in Belgium, he offers an original formula: attend the broadcast of the program on RTL TVI, every Monday from February 28, tasting a menu concocted by him in connection with the theme of the week.

What is his type of cuisine?

At the helm of a chic brasserie, Arnaud places particular emphasis on good local dishes, served majestically, respecting the seasons: pork cheek “raised on straw”, onions from the Cévennes, Label Rouge salmon, rice ” with raw farm milk”…. His cuisine is generous and sincere, with Belgian notes and a few more Mediterranean incursions – Arnaud used to offer Italian bistronomy in his own restaurant. He calls himself “creative, crazy and greedy”.

instagram feeds

On his Insta @arnauddelvenne, Arnaud defines himself as a food lover but also a traveller. Moreover, it is mainly travel photos that he posts: beaches of Martinique, temples and Thai market, streets of New York or London… We also see him posing with Kad Merad or the Belgian animator David Anthony.

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