Gastronomy/Wine. How to keep your wine chilled at the table?

The right temperature

Each color has its service temperature. You will taste robust reds between 16 and 18°C, light reds such as Beaujolais or Pinot Noir between 13 and 15°C. You will serve the whites between 8 and 11°C for a dry, and 11 to 13°C for a soft. The rosé is drunk between 9 to 12°C.

If it is very hot, you can lower these averages by 2 to 3°. The wine will warm up in the glass. To avoid overheating, fill your glass halfway. Better to refill to always have wines at the right temperature.

Ice bucket for whites and rosés

Simple, easy to implement, the ice bucket will keep your bottles cool throughout the meal. Remember to cover the ice cubes well with water to have an even temperature. However, take care to take out the bottles regularly to prevent the temperature from falling too much below 10° for the whites, 8° for the rosés. Freezing temperatures break the aromas.

A bucket of fresh water for the reds

Reds generally flourish at temperatures between 12° (for fresh and fruity wines) and 15° for more full-bodied wines. To do this, immerse your bottle in a bucket of cold water that you change regularly. Especially no ice cubes. Don’t have a bucket? A vase of flowers, a beautiful copper saucepan do the trick.

The cooling covers

Flexible, filled with gel, previously stored in the freezer, these covers will dress your bottles during your picnics. They will maintain freshness for at least three hours. Are you near a stream? Tie a string to your bottle, hang it on a branch or a stone and let nature do its work for an hour. This technique is also valid for a picnic by the sea. Beware of the waves which could carry away your bottles.

wine loves shade

If you have lunch outside, make sure your bottle is always in the shade. Ideally at the foot of the table. You extend the life of your ice cubes and avoid temperature shocks.

Last minute invitations

Your friends arrive unexpectedly. The wine is not at the right temperature. How to cool it at the last minute? Avoid the freezer which will “gun it down”. You have the choice between two methods: a bucket of water with ice cubes and salt, to lower the temperature more quickly; or a damp cloth around the bottle and one hour in the refrigerator.

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