Galo Diallo, ethical agent for the stars of social networks

07:00, June 15, 2022

When he opened his agency in 2016, Galo Diallo never imagined that it would grow so quickly. Specializing in the detection of content creators on social networks and in their support, Smile now follows 20 of them, who have 30 million subscribers. Leader of this new wave, Just Riadh alone convinced almost a third. Launched in 2017 on Instagram with funny stories, the 23-year-old young man now also frequents the sets of TV series and cinema.

Aged 32, having grown up in the outer suburbs of Cergy-Pontoise (Val-d’Oise) son of a worker and a cleaning lady, youngest of five brothers and sisters, Galo Diallo did not immediately found his way. A little angry with the school, he let himself go, animated by a single, still confused desire. “I always knew I wanted to be an entrepreneur”, he said. A stay in the country of origin of his family, Senegal, caused the trigger. Upon his return, he becomes an assiduous student on the benches of a business school and understands that digital, promises for the future, is already combined with the present.

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He is therefore one of the first to accompany the advent of the new world of YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat and TikTok. He savors these little bits of humor offered to everyone, even if he is not fooled by the tool. “I immediately realized that there were a lot of bad things on the Internethe admits, and I am set rules. » The boss of Smile does not confuse influencers and content creators. The former, primarily the media for advertising messages, do not interest him. It is only the seconds that attract his attention, especially since the effort to make people laugh at all costs is no longer their only vector. “The smartphone has facilitated accessibility, and all profiles coexist today, he explains, we are not confined to the urban universe. One of our talents, Alexandre, is campaign from campaign. We also promote the visibility of girls, and try how open our universe is; a pastry chef can be a content creator. »

cool head

Galo Diallo strives to keep a cool head in a world where reputations are sometimes made at the speed of the light of commercials. “I systematically reject divas with unmanageable egos”, he says. Especially since many people are jostling in a frantic race for visibility.

We invest in people more than characters

To protect themselves from any loss of contact with reality, it encourages those who do not accompany the career to double their creative activity of social projects. Some are involved in the fight against harassment on the networks or helping the homeless, others in supporting entrepreneurs in isolated areas or persecuted Rohingya Muslims in Burma. “We invest in people more than characters”he said.

Based in Levallois-Perret (Hauts-de-Seine), Smile employs around thirty people in its offices. During the last Cannes Film Festival, Galo Diallo landed on the Croisette with his team, rented a villa, and posted videos to bring his world closer to that of cinema. Platforms are putting more and more on content creators, hoping to cash in on their popularity. Galo Diallo is convinced of this: for him, the future lasts a long time.

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