From Moroccan cuisine to Louis Vuitton’s first restaurant in France

The Louis Vuitton restaurant is open to the sky and opens this Friday, a few days before the summer season. It is run by chef Mory Sacko, owner of the starred restaurant MoSuke in Paris.

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It offers Moroccan cuisine, in this case tajine. At the Luis Vuitton restaurant, the Moroccan specialty will be presented “in ceramic dishes, accompanied by a salad of fennel and mango, and bananas with smoked paprika”, it is announced. We will also taste a shakshouka with eggs, crushed spicy tomatoes, pepper, garlic, cive and cumin.

The varied menu also includes other African and Japanese specialties. At lunch, the restaurant offers, for example, ekiben, a Japanese dish consisting of rice and noodles, vegetables and a small portion of meat or fish. At dinner, it is planned “eggs, vegetable tacos with eggplant, braised fish with lemon, lobster…”.

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