Fridge failure in the Cannes central kitchen, the health risk has disappeared

Heat stroke on the central kitchen of Cannes la Bocca, operated by Sodexo to deliver meals to school students and the elderly.

A positive cooling unit proved to be defective on Wednesday and must be replaced. Some residents were moved to see food processed outside (photo).

“No health risk was taken”

Do not panic, Sodexo indicates that “no health risks were taken. In this kind of cold chain situation, a plan B exists with other menus planned for a week; in order to guarantee the delivery of meals.”

For its part, the City specifies that a repair was carried out on Thursday and that in the meantime, the replacement of the defective cold unit (but the freezing part would not have been impacted), the nutritionist has indeed “is redoing the entire canteen menu grid, maintaining the balance of the five components but with new products. The return to normal and local production is expected for next Tuesday or Wednesday.”

In other words, students may need to eat a little more canned food than usual, but it’s for their own good!


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