Fresh Mag launches its label: “Label Fresh Mag / Quality table”

A quality label

The Label Fresh Mag/Tableau de qualité is represented by a label affixed to the facade of the restaurant, following the passage of the editorial staff who will have awarded a score to the establishment meeting the 3 essential criteria of the label.

The criteria for obtaining this label are:

  • Gastronomy: “Homemade” cuisine, the presentation of the plate and quality and seasonal products
  • Environment : Decoration and general atmosphere
  • Service : Quality of welcome and table service

How to obtain the label ?
The label is not asked for but is obtained following the visit of the editorial staff within the establishment and after having tested a few dishes, the welcome, the service and the atmosphere of the place.

The label indicates the quality of the establishment as a whole, a guarantee of its value, it is a whole where every detail counts and makes the difference. », explains Yanis Bargoin.

Restaurants can make themselves known to the editorial staff if they want Fresh Mag Paris to find out about their establishment. But the arrival of a member of the Fresh Mag Paris team does not certify the obtaining of a bell and a label, it is still necessary to tick all the criteria.

The first labeled restaurants
Fresh Mag Paris has already distributed its first labels. Here are some of the restaurants where you can go and discover an original and refined cuisine:

  • Circumstances (75002)
  • With the Grands Crus of Burgundy (75002)
  • Le Grand Colbert (75002)
  • Bookinists (75006)
  • Cafe Bellucci (75008)


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