French Days: Forget the Apple Watch, this new connected watch will become your new health ally!

Good deal news French Days: Forget the Apple Watch, this new connected watch will become your new health ally!

It seems that the connected watch has become the essential accessory. Combining practicality, health and aesthetics, it is appreciated by everyone. Today we put aside the Apple Watch and the Galaxy Watch to present to you “the most advanced health watch ever”. The Withings ScanWatch is also hit by a nice price reduction during the French Days.

Withing ScanWatch, a connected watch for your health

This connected watch is the first hybrid watch to continuously analyze your vital parameters in order to detect potential health problems. Over the course of a day, it monitors your cardiac and respiratory activity in real time, as well as your physical activity and your sleep. This watch, developed with healthcare professionals, is currently on sale. Its price goes from €279.99 to €199.

Buy the Withings Scanwatch at 199€ at Fnac

Compatible with iOS and Android, this connected watch provides a scan of your vital parameters every second of the day.

As mentioned earlier, this watch was developed with professionals from world-renowned medical institutions like the Georges Pompidou Hospital or the UCSF Hypoxia Research Laboratory.

For example, to ensure the best possible respiratory monitoring, pulse oximetry measurements were tested and approved by a group of hypoxic patients. They were then confronted with the reference medical examination to measure the oxygen in the blood.

That’s not all. The ScanWatch watch is equipped with the best technology in its category. The multi-wavelength PPG makes it possible to monitor cardiovascular activity and the level of oxygen saturation via the absorption of a light beam by the skin and blood. The latter makes it possible to determine the variation of the blood flow in the veins.

Withing’s ScanWatch: flawless monitoring

  • Heart monitoring
    The ScanWatch watch can perform a medical grade electrocardiogram at any time. This allows in particular to detect the signs of atrial fibrillation. Thus, thanks to an exclusive algorithm developed with cardiologists, the watch sends you an alert if your heart rate is abnormal.
  • Respiratory monitoring
    This watch embeds an oximeter for measuring SpO2, so it records the oxygen level in your blood in just 30 seconds and indicates potentially off-label readings.
  • Activity Tracking
    Equipping yourself with a ScanWatch lets you monitor your progress against your daily activity goal on the watch’s activity sub-dial at a glance. When you do sports activity, the watch will automatically identify it and record the data directly.
  • sleep tracking
    The ScanWatch tracks your sleep phases, their duration as well as your falling asleep and waking up times. The watch identifies if you are in a light sleep phase and can choose the best time to wake you up in the morning.

All data recorded by the watch is included in the Health Mate application. They can be viewed at any time and easily shared with your doctor.

Finally, note that the case is made of stainless steel and protected by a sapphire crystal, and that the autonomy of the ScanWatch watch is 30 days.

Buy the Withings Scanwatch at 199€ at Fnac

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