former Top Chef Pascal Barandoni has joined the kitchens of Mas du Lingousto

The young cook who won the last edition of “Objective Top Chef” has joined chef Arnaud Bouxirot in the kitchen.

From the kitchens of Top Chef to those of the Mas du Lingousto. After having participated in the M6 ​​Top Chef culinary competition in recent months, the young 21-year-old cook Pascal Barandoni, from the Var, is back in his home department.

Elected best apprentice in France in 2020, he has joined Mas du Lingousto in recent weeks, based in Cuers, his hometown.

“We always go back to our roots”

In December 2021, he won the “Objectif Top Chef” competition, which allowed him to join Philippe Etchebest’s brigade for the 13th edition of Top Chef.

After intense weeks of competition to gain experience alongside the greatest chefs, Pascal Barandoni now intends to highlight the products of his territory in his kitchen.

“We always come back to our roots (…) we are at home, we have our families, our parents. And it’s really a terroir that I really appreciate. There, we are in the middle of the vines, we use really products from here, so I could not have dreamed of better”, assures BFM Toulon Var the young chef, eliminated this year at the gates of the semi-finals of the M6 ​​competition.

A duo at Mas de Lingousto

He now co-directs the kitchens of the semi-gastronomic restaurant in Cuers alongside Arnaud Bouxirot, chef at Mas du Lingousto for several years. The new duo has already developed a new menu resulting from the inventiveness of the two chefs.

“Each one brought their little idea, their little grain, we did some tests and then gradually we started to build the menu and then it went very well. People like it so that’s the main thing”, slips, with a smile on his face, Arnaud Bouxirot at the microphone of BFM Toulon Var.

At Mas du Lingousto, customers can currently find two formulas: a “market” menu and a “signature” menu. On the menu: poultry tournedos with Provençal flavors, free-range pigeon, regional carrots or a salmon duo.

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