For Facebook, Apple would be responsible for the hiring freeze and a 40% drop in the stock market

A short week after the presentation of its latest results, Meta (Facebook) announces that the future will be tough (Winter is coming…)! In an internal note obtained by our American colleagues, the group plans to recruit far fewer employees than expected for the rest of 2022.

The situation would be problematic and Apple would be responsible for it. This is indeed what the company’s chief financial officer, David Wehner, says. In his memo, he lists four factors explaining slower growth, lower revenues and higher costs : the introduction of app tracking (ATT) by Apple and changes to iOS, but also the war in Ukraine, the general macroeconomic context and the relaxation of health measures (users now spending less time online).

For this, the company must again examiner [ses] priorities and make difficult decisions on the projects we are looking for in the short and medium term. Furthermore, this change should affecting almost every team in the company. However, the DAF remains optimistic about the future, even if the next quarter is likely to be rude.

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