Foot PSG – Zidane to PSG, he puts his evidence online!

Convinced that Zinedine Zidane was last week in Doha, and that he signed with PSG, a Spanish journalist has posted confidential documents which confirm this trip to Doha to, according to him, sign 3 years with Paris

Ramon Fuentes is not the type to chicken out in the face of a deluge of criticism on social networks, the journalist of Mundo Deportivo and Tele Madrid taking dearly since last week he announced that Zinedine Zidane had made a return trip to Qatar from Ibiza where the French star is currently spending a family vacation. But there were not only anonymous attacks, since in response to his announcement of an agreement reached between Zidane and Paris Saint-Germain for Zizou to become coach of the capital club for 3 years, and the flood of rumors that this produced, it was Alain Migliaccio, the closest agent to the 98 world champion, who denied any interest from PSG. ” All these rumors circulating are unfounded. To date, I am the only person admitted to represent and advise Zinedine Zidane. Neither Zinedine Zidane nor I have been contacted directly by the PSG owner. I also strongly doubt that His Majesty the Emir of Qatar, Sheikh Tamin Bin Hamad Al Thani, is used to going through social networks or the media to manage his affairs and make crucial decisions concerning the future of PSG. . I’m not even sure he’s really interested in Zinedine Zidane coming. “Said, in a press release, the historic agent of the former Real Madrid coach. But Ramon Fuentes did not deflate.

Ibiza-Doha, he puts Zinedine Zidane’s flight plan online

This Wednesday, the Spanish journalist clarified that during this trip to Doha, Zinedine Zidane was accompanied by Alan Migliaccio, but also by Grégory Dupont, the physical trainer of Real Madrid during the second visit of the French technician in 2019. All this is assertion without real proof, so Ramon Fuentes decided to reveal his documents by posting the flight plan of the plane taken by Zinedine Zidane a priori on Friday June 10, also but a copy of what looks like the passenger list of this flight, where we actually see the names of Zidane, Migliaccio and Dupont and some details on this trip between Ibiza and Qatar. Of course, it is embarrassing to see confidential and private documents being able to be distributed in this way, but it is hard to see Ramon Fuentes putting his career at risk by distributing false documents, which some people blame him for. Still, if Zinedine Zidane went to Doha, nothing for the moment confirms that he has signed a contract to be the coach of PSG until 2025.

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