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Rome Masters 1000 Final: Novak Djokovic – Stefanos Tsitsipas LIVE


Novak Djokovic – Stefanos Tsitsipas


15/0 – Djokovic dictates the tempo from the back and slides a delicately cushioned backhand winner.

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Tsitsipas – Djokovic, as we find ourselves: “It will be different from Roland”


DJOKOVIC – TSITSIPAS 6-0, 1-4: Tsitsipas easily confirms his break with an ace. What a change of face in the last few minutes!

40/15 – The Greek offers himself a new free point on serve.

30/15 – What a sequence of amortization-passage of short crossed backhand very gently from Djokovic! A wonder.

0/30 – Tsitsipas is much more accurate now. His forehand offset quickly makes the difference after a winning service.

DJOKOVIC – TSITSIPAS 6-0, 1-3: Tsitsipas takes the break! More solid and patient in the exchange, he sees Djokovic crack in the forehand in the net. The Serb gets annoyed for the first time in this match.

Stefanos Tsitsipas in the final of the Rome Masters 1000 2022

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15/40 – Small event: Tsitsipas gets his first two break points in this final! Djokovic is experiencing a small drop in the image of this cross backhand fault.

15/30 – The world number 1 commits a gross unforced error with a forehand in turn.

15/15 – Tsitsipas does not keep the rhythm in the exchange and decenters a forehand.

0/15 – Djokovic commits his first double fault.

DJOKOVIC – TSITSIPAS 6-0, 1-2: Tsitsipas comes back in front in this set with a good service game.

30/15 – The Greek ensures his topspin volley well behind a good first ball.

15/15 – Tsitsipas engages well with an uncrossed forehand in the opponent’s counter-foot and slams an impeccable smash.

0/15 – Djokovic takes the line again. What precision!

DJOKOVIC – TSITSIPAS 6-0, 1-1: The Serb equalizes in a flash. He is at 90% of the first balls, that is to say if he serves well.

40/0 – Djokovic hits an ace, son 2nd in the game.

30/0 – Tsitsipas is the first to crack in the exchange, the Serb is so solid …

15/0 – Djokovic effortlessly executes a winning cross forehand going forward.

DJOKOVIC – TSITSIPAS 6-0, 0-1: Tsitsipas finally scores his first game, especially thanks to the quality of his first ball.

Stefanos Tsitsipas in Rome in 2022

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40/30 – Djokovic surprises Tsitsipas with a cross backhand drop shot. The Greek was on the back and did not start.

30/15 – The Greek is totally wrong in forehand attack when he had the whole court in front of him.

30/0 – Tsitsipas starts the 2nd set on serve and collects two free points, a rarity, to start.

DJOKOVIC – TSITSIPAS 6-0: DJOKOVIC TAKES THE HEAD IN 30 LITTLE MINUTES! It’s a totally one-sided finale at the moment. The world number 1 succeeds in everything, plays long and completely suffocates Tsitsipas who seems lost on the court.

40/0 – Djokovic offers himself three set points on a winning forehand topspin volley.

30/0 – The backhand slice of the Greek is too floating and comes out in length.

15/0 – Another forehand foul for Tsitsipas who has no solution to the exchange.

DJOKOVIC – TSITSIPAS 5-0: Tsitsipas explodes on the backhand and Djokovic shouts his joy! It’s a triple break for the world number 1 in demonstration.

Advantage Djokovic – As soon as the recovery, the world number 1 pushes back Tsitsipas who sees his defense in slice out. This is a third opportunity for a triple break.

40/40 – The Greek saves them. Djokovic gets annoyed by missing an uncrossed forehand attack on a high bouncing ball.

15/40 – Djokovic counters along the backhand line. His bullet length is mind-boggling. Tsitsipas decenters with a forehand and concedes two triple break points.

0/15 – Tsitsipas is still under pressure and sends his backhand pass into the net.

DJOKOVIC – TSITSIPAS 4-0: Djokovic confirms his double break, he unrolls.

40/15 – Djokovic accelerates in forehand and makes Tsitsipas give in.

15/15 – The world number 1 ended up missing a backhand in the net. But Tsitsipas has to do a lot to score a single point…

15/0 – Djokovic serves an ace to start his service game.

DJOKOVIC – TSITSIPAS 3-0: Djokovic clenches his fist: a new backhand foul from Tsitsipas allows him to stand out a little more with a double entry break. His dominance is total for the moment.

Novak Djokovic in Rome in 2022

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Djokovic advantage – Tsitsipas commits an unwelcome double fault to offer a double break point to Djokovic…

Tie – It’s Djokovic’s turn to storm the net and quietly secure his spike.

Tsitsipas advantage – Tsitsipas advances well with a long-line forehand and slams an authoritative smash.

40/40 – Djokovic stays on the right side by passing a cross backhand and plants Tsitsipas at the net.

40/30 – What a dazzling counter forehand cross from Djokovic! Tsitsipas remains unresponsive.

40/15 – Djokovic misses the target in return for a long line backhand on the second ball.

30/15 – The Greek distributes well from the forehand and advances towards the net. Djokovic is pushed to the fault by passing from backhand.

15/15 – Tsitsipas offers himself a winning serve and finally a first point on his serve.

DJOKOVIC – TSITSIPAS 2-0: Djokovic confirms his break with an impeccable forehand cross winner in the opposing substitution. It’s an ideal start for him.

30/15 – With a forehand foul in the net, the world number 1 concedes his first point of the game.

30/0 – What a point and what net coverage from Djokovic after being provided by a well-felt drop shot from Tsitsipas!

15/0 – The Serb advances well in the forehand and makes Tsitsipas yield in backhand defense.

DJOKOVIC – TSITSIPAS 1-0: And it’s the entry white break for Djokovic! Tsitsipas misses his forehand volley into the net.

0/40 – Taken by the return to the center and deep from Djokovic, Tsitsipas sees the ball escape him in reverse and concedes three entry break points.

0/30 – Deceived by a false rebound, Tsitsipas misses the ball and finds himself on his first game of service.

0/15 – And here we go for this final! Djokovic sets the tone with a winning first cross forehand that hits the line.

Find below the best video moments of the semi-final won by Novak Djokovic against Casper Ruud (6-4, 6-3).

Be careful, Djoko finds his legs and his bite: the summary of his victory against Ruud

THE PLAYERS HAVE ARRIVED: Novak Djokovic and Stefanos Tsitsipas have entered the center court of Foro Italico. The Serb won the toss and picked one side of the court to start. The Greek will therefore start this final on service. The warm-up is in progress.

FAVORITE DJOKOVIC: Novak Djokovic leads 6-2 in his confrontations against Stefanos Tsitsipas. He has even won the last five, his last defeat against the Greek dating from the Shanghai Masters 1000 in … 2019. In their last duel in the final of Roland-Garros 2021, the Serb had come back two sets to triumph (6- 7, 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-4).

ALMOST A YEAR LATER, TIME FOR REVENGE FOR TSITSIPAS? Opposed to Novak Djokovic in the final, Sunday (4:00 p.m.), Stefanos Tsitsipas will try to conquer a second M1000 during this season on ocher. A coronation would consolidate his position as favorite for Roland-Garros. Yes, but, the Athenian finds the world n°1 in the final. The two men have not met since the Roland 2021 final, which marked a break with the Greek.
Tsitsipas – Djokovic, as we find ourselves: “It will be different from Roland”

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Tsitsipas is stunning!


ATP Rome

Less flamboyant but still present, the beating Tsitsipas is back


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