Finistère college students rewarded for their work on social networks – Quimper

“Yesterday, it was very easy to get information. Media were limited. When a newspaper said a comet was coming to Earth, we knew it was true. Today, with social networks, it has become very complicated. You have to know how to sort it out, ”says Maël de Calan, president of the Finistère departmental council, who came to congratulate the middle school students from Finistère (as well as a class of CM2) who participated in the educational operation “Classes actus”, aimed at raising awareness. pupils to the diversity of journalistic forms and to develop their critical and analytical mind when faced with information.

Six awarded establishments

For the 2021-2022 edition, 435 students from twelve Finistère schools worked on the theme of social networks (Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc.) for nearly a year, discussing, among other things, the advantages and limits of social networks, cyberbullying or, again, the verification of information. And after an examination of the projects of the young people by a jury, 186 pupils from six establishments (five colleges, one school) were rewarded, Wednesday, June 22, in the premises of the departmental council, in Quimper. “You now have the responsibility of spreading around you (comrades, parents, grandparents…) what you have learned on social networks”, discovered Maël de Calan.

Jury Prize.

4th grade students from Sainte-Anne college, in Brest, with their newspaper “Le Crépuscule” which addresses freedom of expression and digital cyberbullying.

Jury’s Favorite Award.

The 6th graders from the Collège du Château, in Morlaix, with the podcast “Social networks and us 6th graders” evoking, among other things, the dangers of networks and personal data; the 3rd of Likès (Quimper) for the “Little guide to social networks or how to become an informed middle school student” intended for present and future middle school students to better understand and better use social networks.

Student Awards.

The 5th graders of Saint-Vincent college, in Brest, for their video “Anti 2010 and cyberharcèlement” denouncing harassment on social networks and in college.

Aspiring classes prizes.

The CM2 of the Jacques-Prévert school and the 6th of the Saint-Pol-Roux college, in (Brest, for the design of a goose game “Social networks: alone (s) with everyone?”.

A hundred young students from Finistère were received on Wednesday June 22 at the Finistère departmental council as part of the “Classes actus” educational operation. (The Telegram/Benjamin Pontis)

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