FCC wants Apple and Google to remove TikTok


TikTok is one of the most popular apps right now and the FCC wants Apple and Google to remove the app from their app stores.

FCC Commissioner Brendan Car says TikTok could pose a national security threat, you can see some of the letters sent to Apple and Google below.


Last week, an alarming new report shed new light on the serious national security threats posed by TikTok. As you know, TikTok is an app available to millions of Americans through your app stores, and it collects vast amounts of sensitive data about those American users. TikTok is owned by Beijing-based ByteDance, an organization beholden to the Chinese Communist Party and bound by Chinese law to comply with PRC surveillance requirements.

Through leaked audio recordings, last week’s BuzzFeed News report found that ByteDance officials in Beijing repeatedly accessed sensitive data that TikTok requested from Americans after those American users imported the app. through your app stores. “Everything is seen in China,” a TikTok official said in the recordings, despite the fact that TikTok has repeatedly said that the data it collects on Americans is streamed in the United States.

Previously in the United States, there were calls from the US government to ban the app, although this never happened. It is not yet known how Apple and Google will respond to this new FCC letter and whether they will remove TikTok from their app stores.

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