FCC asks Apple and Google to ban TikTok from their app stores

The tone is rising: the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has asked Apple and to Google to remove the app ICT Tac of the’App store and play store because of the bad practices of the social network regarding the management of data. This request comes a few days after an article by BuzzFeed News confirmed that the technical team of the application located in China had access since January 2022 to the data of American users of the social network. As a reminder, TikTok belongs to ByteDance, a Beijing-based software publisher.

BuzzFeed’s article ended with the logical conclusion that TikTok posed a risk “unacceptable for national security”. This isn’t the first time it’s been accused of siphoning off user data outside of China for purposes… which still remain quite mysterious. Measures had been taken to cut off access to the data, but it therefore seems that the harvest has restarted for several months, triggering the ire of the FCC.

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