Fast Pair arrives discreetly on Wear OS 3 connected watches

Google has quietly rolled out Fast Pair to Wear OS 3. This means it’s even faster to pair your smartwatch with headphones or earphones.

The Spotify app on Wear OS // Source: Frandroid

At CES 2022, Google announced that Fast Pair was coming to many devices, from Chromebooks to Google TV/Android TV to Matter-enabled devices. Moreover, Chromebooks will become Fast Pair compatible this summer. We now learn that Google has deployed its Fast Pair protocol on Wear OS 3, without us knowing more.

Wear OS 3 now supports Fast Pair

It is in the news log of Google system updates that 9to5Google spotted this addition. In the section ” Device connections“, we can read : “ Fast Pair on Wear OS to allow previously paired headphones to be discovered and connected to wearable devices “. An addition that we do not see in the French version of this page. An update “available via Google Play Services v22.24 updated 06/24/2022“.

According to information from the English media, this update is not yet fully deployed on all connected watches.

Why put Fast Pair on connected watches?

The addition of Fast Pair will allow you to quickly pair your headphones or headphones with your connected watch. Audio products actually add to your Google account, allowing you to pair them on a smartwatch using the same account. The idea is thus to use headphones to listen to the music stored in your watch, even without having your smartphone with you when you go to train.

However, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen Fast Pair on smartwatches. In March 2021, we learned that the pairing protocol was coming to Fitbit watches, equipped with an operating system separate from Wear OS.

Google prepares its Pixel Watch

For now, the only watches equipped with Wear OS 3 are the latest models from Samsung. However, with this update, we can obviously expect Google to add Fast Pair to its future Pixel Watch connected watch, expected this fall. Moreover, some clues on the product page of the watch point in this direction, as pointed out byAndroid Central.

You can read there “Pair Phone, Listen and Pixel Watch and get personalized help throughout the day” or “Thanks to the associationexpress (fast pair),you can quickly and easily connect your headphones, watch and phone“. It is also specified that to use Fast Pair, localization must be activated.

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