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On social networks, several farmers promote their profession by revealing behind the scenes of their daily lives. They are grouped together in an association: “FrAgriTwittos”

It’s almost a daily meeting for Bruno Cardot. As soon as he is on his farm, phone in hand, he films himself or takes photos to show his Twitter followers behind the scenes of his job.. ” Hi Hi ! Today, we’re going for a ride together! What is a round trip? It’s the turn of the plots to see if there are diseases, weeds or pests, to know if we should intervene “Explains to the camera in front of this 49-year-old farmer.

“I have been posting these little videos on social media for three years now. We are aware that our job is very technical. Our mission is to be as simple as possible in our explanations. For example, for land that would be too flooded like last winter, I always start with a stupidity or a little humorous sentence to play down the drama, and then the concrete message in watermark just after », Says this owner of a farm in Hauts-de-France which produces cereals, potatoes, rapeseed and beets.

At least 500 farmer tweeters!

An association bringing together these 2.0 farmers. Its name: “FrAgriTwittos”. Denis Beauchamp is the president and this structure was useful for discovering this profession, which is known to everyone, but generally misunderstood by the general public.

We all make the same observation: the agriculture we see on social networks or in the media is not what we see in real life in our daily lives. So we said to ourselves that we were going to reconstitute this link between farmers, but also between professionals in the sector and the French. » , Satisfied Denis Beauchamp.

Humor, self-mockery, lightness are the tools to talk about a more than difficult profession, especially since agriculture is at the forefront of trades that plan to hire this year.

And to do this, all means are good. In recent months, Bruno Cardot has set himself a challenge: skier on a mountain of potatoes. Mission accomplished! And he doesn’t stop there, because he also sings to talk about his job.


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