Eva Longoria, sumptuous in a selfie without makeup

This June 21, Eva Longoria is once again illustrated in a selfie without makeup. And she is simply radiant. Find out.

After an intense period of gala evenings, and ever more glamorous beauty treatments, the actress Eva Longoria seems to be done with rhinestones and sequins. The proof yesterday this June 21, where the star was once again fully illustrated cleansed in an Instagram post. Indeed, only wearing a fuzzy ponytailit is the clear face and sunny displayed by the interpreter of Gabrielle Solis, all smiles posing in front of her swimming pool.

A way for her to nicely highlight the freckles of her face, while promoting her brand of tequila Casa Del Sol, according to a staging that she had already adopted in the past on her Instagram account. ” National Selfie Day “The muse of L’Oréal Paris then justifies himself, by way of description of his post. To which Internet users have not failed to respond, very positively. “” You are radiant Eva”, “You are a natural beauty”, “The freckles…I love you even more so”… So many compliments that we can only support in our turn!

Eva Longoria, the queen of no make-up look

If we know her for beauty sumptuous that she displays on the red carpet, as on a daily basis in her makeup tutorial Instagram, the star is nonetheless a fan of no make-up. In fact, for several years, the star has continued to oscillate between the dramatic makeovers, and the posts cleaned up. The opportunity for her to show all aspects of her beauty, and to influence future generations to accept themselves Naturalmore than ever.

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