European Union accused of wanting to corrupt Malian bloggers – Jeune Afrique

A few days ago, Malian social networks embarked on a new witch hunt. In their sights: bloggers, to “identify” and “vilify”, according to the words of some Internet users. Their offence? Have participated in European Union (EU) trainings, aimed at around 100 Malian bloggers and aimed at “promoting professionalism in the social media sector”. Funded to the tune of 72.4 million CFA francs (just over 110,000 euros), the training was accompanied by material support of 170 million CFA francs (259,000 euros).

A support to which many Internet users immediately lent hidden objectives, believing that the EU was seeking to “corrupt” Malian journalists and influencers. Tanum Leele, alias Aganisha, a Mauritanian blogger, who presents herself as a “pan-Africanist and anti-imperialist”, was one of the first to launch the assault. “The European Union, in the midst of a communication war with Mali, is pouring millions of CFA on young penniless Malian bloggers”, she was indignant on Twitter, on May 7, in a comment repeated hundreds of times.

The Malian state itself receives external funding. Is it sold yet?

“When you take part in training funded by France or the European Union, you are immediately accused of being an enemy of Mali, instrumentalized and corrupt,” complains Ousmane Makaveli, blogger and photographer, who, although not ‘having not participated in said training, quickly reacted on social networks. “The Malian state itself receives external aid and funding. Is it sold yet? he wonders.

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